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The book is chronological... the video series is topical. 

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Why We Wrote This Book


Heavenly Mother Through the Ages


More videos to follow each month


Wisdom Part I

Wisdom Part II

The Glory and the Presence Part I

The Glory and the Presence Part II

Heavenly Mother Weaving Creation

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Visions of the Tree of Life

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The Tree and the Throne


Fruit, Leaves, Oil, and Incense

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Branches of the Tree of Life 

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The Cross and the Wood Sacrifice

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The Return of the Tree of Life


The Waters of Life

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Baptism and the Womb

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Heavenly Mother's Rival

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The Purges -Part I - Before the Captivity

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The Purges -Part II - Targeted Items

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The Purges -Part III - After the Captivity


The Purges -Part IV - Scribal Changes

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© 2022 by Sherri and Victor Worth

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