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Victor and Sherri Worth

Sherri was born to goodly parents and spent her childhood in Bloomfield, New Mexico. She is the oldest of eight children and learned from her own devoted mother to value and cherish motherhood. At Brigham Young University, she met Victor who continues to be her best friend even after more than three decades of marriage. She earned a bachelors degree in Family Science and went right to work in her chosen field as the mother of seven biological and three adopted children. She enjoys playing the harp and ukulele, raucous board games with her children and grandchildren, family reunions, looking for DI miracles, and working with her adopted mustang filly. In the deepest part of her soul is the yearning to be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.


Victor discovered the Church as a teenager and served a mission in Iceland. At Brigham Young University he met and married the finest woman he has ever known. He served in the U.S. Army and is now a family doctor in the small town of Parowan, Utah. He loves teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, going on great adventures with his children and grandchildren, and the peaceful solitude of bombing down a remote forest trail on his mountain bike.


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